Social Embeddedness


Central to ASU’s charter is a commitment to be fundamentally responsible for the economic, social, cultural and overall health of the communities it serves. With no single “Office of Community Engagement,” at every level and in each component of our institution, faculty, staff and students are encouraged to form interdisciplinary networks and the cross-sector collaborations necessary to achieve transformational impact and address the grand challenges of our time. To achieve this bold mission, ASU partners with the community in mutually beneficial ways — deeply rooted in its place as a vital anchor institution in the local community and beyond.

Applied Innovation’s role

The Office of Applied Innovation partners with Educational Outreach and Student Services (EOSS) to host the annual ASU Social Embeddedness Network Conference, a convening of community-engaged faculty and staff from a variety of disciplines and units throughout ASU to build connections and share strategies and best practices for advancing ASU as a socially embedded institution. Applied Innovation is responsible for managing Collaboratory to capture the variety of ways faculty and staff are partnering with the community to collaboratively address community challenges. This software permits greater institution-wide coordination by enabling you to identify which faculty and staff across the university are tackling the same social issues, find out who they're partnering with and in which communities. Collaboratory also offers robust reporting capabilities that will enable each college and unit to better showcase the important work their faculty and staff are doing in communities, which has the potential to lead to stronger and more robust partnerships.

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