Decision Center for Educational Excellence

About the project

The vision of the Decision for Educational Excellence Powered by Helios Education Foundation at Arizona State University is to empower all Arizona students to maximize their potential, experience an excellent quality of life and contribute to healthy and vibrant communities. Partnering with ASU’s Decision Theater and other ASU researchers and thought-leaders, the Decision Center is bringing together data and convening key stakeholders to examine the education system and model and visualize the impact of potential new policies and innovative solutions for education outcomes.

The current products from the Center are enabling stakeholders to pinpoint bright spots in the state's education system and identify interventions that serve to improve student performance. 

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Applied Innovation's Role

The Office of Applied Innovation is responsible for managing the Decision Center for Educational Excellence and its overall partnership with the Helios Education Foundation. By positioning the Center within Applied Innovation, the Center has the support of more than just a single college or school, enabling it to advance bold, systematic changes to the education system. In addition to Center operations, personnel in Applied Innovation also manage a student research team tasked with creating visualizations, white papers, and policy reports for some of the key educational issues in Arizona. 

Project news

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